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Hi All,

   We have discussed multiple time that G11N regular meeting time is not
suitable for other regions, specifically for EMEA.

   Here we go with meeting time bit more friendly to CEST :)  We had
discussion about this on trans list earlier. [1]

   Agenda is available at [2], Please feel free to add other topics.

Pravin Satpute

2. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Meetings/2016-02-25

g11n mailing list

fltg mailing list

We can also complete IRC meetings by mail discussions.
Subjects don't have to be discussed only in one place or another.

True. This should be our one of the goal for this year. To be not depend upon IRC meeting and have more discussion on mailing lists.
Meetings should be quick and mostly only for checking status. Discussions should happen on mailing list it has wider coverage.

Note : we may have to clarify the number of mailing list. I'm not sure we still have to have 4 different lists : g11n, trans, i18n and fltg. We can see in the topics that most of the subjects are commons. I personnaly get many triple mails.

Right. Now i think time has come where we can stop broadcasting g11n lists email on i18n, trans and fltg list. G11N list should be used only for collaborative issues between i18n and trans. Lets decide on this as well.

Pravin Satpute