Name: Mikael Granberg
Location: Öjersjö, Sweden
Login: mgranberg75
Language: Swedish
Profession: Automation Engineer and Runtime Service Manager
About You: I'm a family father in my best years. Have been working within the IT business since the mid nineties. Have tried both programming, system administration and management. I have a broad set of skills and I'm familiar with many programming languages, operating systems and application platforms. Though my area of expertise lies within PHP, Java, C#, Python, Javascript, HTML, SQL, XML, Json and ADA. I have several years of system administration experience from both Windows, Linux and Unix and I have written a lot of scripts both in Bash, Windows shell and Windows powershell. There are also several application platforms that I have worked with during the years such as SAP, SharePoint, Drupal, Apache, different flavors of SQL servers, MS Exchange, Citrix and so on.
You and the Fedora Project: I joined the webteam approx. a year ago, but haven't contributed as much as I hoped for. But in order to get started I thought I'd join the translations team since I find it very pleasant to both write documentation and tranlating documentation. I'm thinking about brushing up on my Python and C++ skills to perhaps be able to contribute some more to other parts of the fedoraproject.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
gpg --fingerprint AEC7289E
pub   2048R/AEC7289E 2020-05-10
Key fingerprint = D9AB 9D68 D231 3187 1617  3E92 8952 FC55 AEC7 289E
uid   Mikael Granberg (Live long and prosper) <>
sub   2048R/A6A9BE5B 2020-05-10
//Kind regards Mikael Granberg