Dear All,

I have been fortunate to be part of the Indian L10n communities since almost 10 years and have got the opportunity to attend many community events around the globe. G11N FAD 2015 in Tokyo from Nov 1-3, 2015 was one of the best and memorable event I have ever attended in my life. Fedora and the g11n activities are always closed to heart and we, team members, communicate with each other over email or IRC. This is the first time we ever got to meet many of the members in person and discuss on many different issues, ideas, project plans etc and finalize in just no time.

We had 3 full packed days discussing on the items listed here [1]. From the initial preparations for this meet till last day at Tokyo was very exciting. We used to meet almost daily to finalize the agenda, plan the schedule and thus was able to make this event a success with the collective effort of many. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jens-san and Pravins for making this possible.
I would like to share the summary of my activities and contributions at the G11n FAD meet.


Met all the participants in the morning in front of Red Hat Tokyo office, many of them the first time after working together for 10 years, and I would say one of the happiest moment during the FAD. The day began with introductions and updating the status of our work & contribution to G11N. Noriko and I presented the Fedora L10n status with a short presentation listing the points to be discussed [2]. I have strongly raised the importance of having L10n focused events and sprints to promote and increase Fedora translations & localization. We mostly spend this day discussing and preparing the requisites for the G11N wiki page. Noriko (L10n), Alex (Zanata) and I sat down together to prepare the G11N presentation slide, which is very generic and anyone from the G11N team can use these slides for their presentations at different community events.  Later sat down with Michelle and Pravin to discuss on how we can popularize this and make videos or slide shows to improve the wiki home page. Later in the evening, we enjoyed the hangout talk with Cambodian team who had localization sprint for Khmer language. They shared their experience and we suggested them on how to promote the idea of conducting more online and localization sprint events to improve Fedora in different local languages and improve the quality of translations.


The second day began with the hangout talk with Fedora Project Leader, Mathew Miller. It was interesting to hear from him and share each others idea to improve and promote Fedora. Later, joined the discussion  on introducing new FGSco structure proposal to strengthen the G11N team, increasing participation from L10n, I18n, QE and Zanata. This discussion is to be continued during the g11n monthly meetings to finalize the plan with the community members and implement it.
Post lunch, I was with Alex and Carlos Munoz to discuss and analyze the feedback collected from the latest Zanata survey [3]. Luke Brooker had sent us the feedback consolidated together which helped us to discuss and decide on the action plans for various items. We ended the day with an awesome team dinner at Local India near to the office and had a wonderful the evening.


Third day was entirely utilized for Fedora Localization & QA (FLTG) related discussions. Michelle, Noriko and I were together to determine the important packages to localize and be tested during the QA activity days. We always missed a pointing place for new joiners or translators where they can find the most important or essential packages to be translated. This was finalized in this discussion. Parag helped us to sort out some confusions regarding the final list of packages. Later, post lunch we moved to the 'Software deadline change for F24' discussion which was raised by Noriko. We had  rigorous discussions on various points like changing deadline proposals etc, but finally arrived at a consensus  for no-go to this proposal. We have decided to keep watch on how the existing proposal really affects the packages & the translations and also I18N members will start seeking and developing a script to auto-detect string breaks. L10n members to monitor the breaks and generate statistics, based on which we can take a call on this proposal later after the next release.

Towards the end of the day, all the attendees were to present a summary of the activities done during the FAD. An important task I have taken up is to prepare the proposal for Fedora L10n sprints and drive it . We were able to start all the days on time and were on schedule and thus well organized, which helped us to complete discussing all items listed in the agenda.

The hospitality and homely atmosphere in Tokyo made all of us comfortable and enjoy the meet. I enjoyed my stay in Tokyo and glad could meet some of the best people. Weather was also in our favor.

Apologies for submitting the report very late. But better late than ever. Now its action time and need to implement many things that we have discussed and decided during the FAD. Looking forward to work with the team to make the Fedora G11N efforts to a success

Thanking you
Best regards