Name: Jan
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Login: Iref
Language: Slovak
Profesion or Student status: Bachelor student
About Me: I am sophomore undergraduate student at Masaryk university, Brno, where i study computer science. My previous experience with l10n are very small. But i worked on l10n of my school project of car rental software into English and Slovak.
Me and Fedora: I would like to comtribute to Fedora by translating software and by helping with testing and QA
GPG KEID and fingerprint:
johnny@maiev-laptop:~$ gpg --fingerprint FD146498
pub   2048R/FD146498 2010-05-08
Key fingerprint = 7780 2E80 FC49 2F4F 4999  A4FD A61C AC69 FD14 6498
uid    Jan Ferko (Iref) <>
sub   2048R/6328AFCD 2010-05-08

Jan Ferko,