Sorry I'm spamming here but here it is, my FAS username: shadowc10ne

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My name is Arnes Arnautović and I live in Bosnia. I'm a student at Bihać University - IT engineering. I had close encounters with Linux before but it didn't end good. Three weeks ago, I installed Fedora and totally loved it. I think open-source software is very important and because of that I decided to try to help in any way I can, so here I am. I decided to try first with translations and later when I get enough experience to try programming and maybe some artwork. I'm currently learning C++, Java and in my spare time doing some PHP. But don't be fooled, I'm just a beginner. Year ago, I also had some runnings with Blender3D which is also free open-source software. Did some funny stuff - animations etc. I think my biggest flaw is that I'm interested in a lot of stuff and because of that I think I can't be super-good at any sole subject...or good at all. :)
My suggestion to, not just l10n project, but whole project in general is to simplify the join procedure a bit. Mostly this - join there, send your informations here, signup there, etc. I think there a more people who would like to contribute in some way but get lost in this digital jungle.

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