Piotr, thank you for reviewing the projects. Since you feel confident, we'll then proceed in deleting the organization to avoid confusion.

Thanks guys,


On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 12:53 PM, Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag@gmail.com> wrote:
2016-12-22 21:46 GMT+01:00 Rafał Lużyński <digitalfreak@lingonborough.com>:
> Are you guys dropping the projects or migrating them to Zanata?
> For example, as far as I know, yumex-dnf is on Transifex and not
> on Zanata. Even if it has not been active during last year it does
> not mean it should be dropped. yumex-dnf is a default package
> (software, application) manager for all desktops except GNOME and KDE.

yumex is a separate project and doesn't use the Fedora teams. I've
just reviewed the list of projects on
<https://www.transifex.com/fedora/> and everything looks either
migrated to Zanata or long deprecated.

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Piotr Drąg
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