On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 8:52 AM, Noriko Mizumoto <noriko@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
On 2016年02月29日 00:05, Tiansworld wrote:
> Hello guys,
> The page[1] and [2] are listinfo and administration links for the
> mailing lists on list.fedoraproject.org. However I couldn't find
> trans_zh-cn(Chinese translation mailing list) mailing list on both
> pages. I thought it was on the pages before.
> According to the page info, that questions and comments should be sent
> to mailmanATlists.fedoraproject.org. I wrote an email on this issue to
> the address, but it was rejected for I am not the member of it.
> So does anyone know how to contact the Fedora mailman mailing list
> maintainer/administrator? Or whom should I contact to add the
> trans_zh_cn mailing list info to those pages?

Recently it moved to HyperKitty, and am suspecting this can be cause?
Infra team should be able to attend, and added Patrick from Infra team
to have a look.


 It seems there isn't any update yet. I think I'd better send this to infrastructure mailing list.

Tian Shixiong
Fedora Project Contributor