Hi, Noriko Mizumoto
I'm hoping this e-mail will be on the right place as a reply on my introduction. If it doesn't, please excuse me I just got here and don't know what I'm doing.
I want to translate to bosnian language, of course, being from Bosnia. The problem is, I just joined recently and  I'm totally confused. Where is bosnian team, am I in it automatically and how do I get inside if I'm not? I tried on l10n wiki pages to find a team but they don't have no information on their "page" so I'm in dark here. I was able to get an e-mail from some guy who, it seems, translates things on bosnian but I sent him an e-mail, like some two days ago and still no reply. If that's bosnian team they're pretty unorganised. I'm currently translating Users Guide to bosnian language and I need to contact bosnian team to see are they doing the same thing or what?!? I just want to help out here to translate something and do my part. As for this mailing list, sorry to say this but, couldn't you make a simple php page with entering comments? Right now my subject is Re: Self-Introduction: Arnes Arnautović and I'm hoping here it'll come to the right place as a reply to my introduction. So here it goes...SEND

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