Hey hi Adriano,
Welcome to the team. If you need anything, feel free ask.
FAS: Lailah

On 8 December 2017 at 23:42, Adriano <adrianosoxav@gmail.com> wrote:
Name: Adriano de Souza Xavier

Location: Cotegipe, state of Bahia, Brazil

Login: abilidibob

Language: Portuguese

Profession or student status: Not graduated Software Developer

About me: Well, I'm a auto-proclaimed software developer whos curious
about almost everything.
Today, I'm a "freelancer". I work creating n/or promoting little
software brands. Im little self-taught in, marketing, psychology,
coding, design and other sh***. And im "self-taughting" Mandarin,
German, Russian and some other things. I am the co-founder of da
following local companies, Kactus Tecnologia, Ravel Tecnologia,  Símio
Software and Pavlov Software.

Me and the Fedora Project: I'm interested in translating, at begining,
thats all. I write bad, but translate well.

pub           rsa2048 2017-12-08          [SC]         [expires: 2018-12-07]
                 416A 0DF3 5CED 431F 3EAB  6A1E 2BED 996A 5E87 DE1C
uid            [ultimate] Adriano de Souza Xavier
sub           rsa2048 2017-12-08          [E]           [expires:

I hope to have correctly followed all the steps.

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