"Fedora Cloud" shouldn't, but "base image" should. In fact, if it
helps, it might be appropriate to put the translated word cloud into
"base image" — that is, "Fedora Cloud [foundational cloud system

I'm far from an expert here, but "image" should use the word used for
virtual machine images, if that's different from photographs. (In
English, it's "image" in the sense of "exact reproduction / likeness"
rather than "picture".)


There are other words confusing us in website translation too(For example, keys for signing packages. We are not sure the type of key, public key or private key or what else.).

So I hope you can put this kind of simple explanation into comment part of the string in future, so every translator can see them and know what should be translated or whether the words should be translated.


Fedora Project Contributor