Dear translators,
tomorrow we will enter June and we will be 2 weeks before F24 GA release date. We have some important changes on the websites and need to enter a PO freeze for the websites in production.
We have a new Spin on (Astronomy) and some minor changes through all other websites.
I'm still not sure if we are able to make a new website for secondary arches in time for F24 GA, if not we will postpone this task until F25 Alpha.

Please take a look at the new source files and try to translate at least the main websites. The string freeze will block all your strings on production, but you can check your work in the staging instances, where you can see also the context of all strings.
We are building actually, labs.stg.fpo, spins.stg.fpo and arm.stg.fpo in staging.
For any questions or issues please open an issue on or in our trac [1].


Thank you and happy translating.

Robert Mayr