2017-03-19 22:48 GMT+01:00 Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <jean-baptiste@holcroft.fr>:
Le 17 mars 2017 18:56:08 UTC+01:00, Matthew Miller <mattdm@fedoraproject.org> a ├ęcrit :
>Fedora 27, due out October 2017, will not have an Alpha release. We're
>adjusting the schedule around that, and there are some questions as to
>where the put the translations deadlines. Traditionally, String Freeze
>is defined as "Same day as Alpha Freeze", so obviously that's no longer
>Take a look at the schedule as it stands now:
>Right now, we the string freeze about a month before the beta freeze
>(basically, in the same timeframe). This, however, includes putting the
>string freeze before Bodhi Activation (which also used to happen at
>Alpha) and even before the branch from Rawhide. This seems less than
>On the other hand, the Translation Deadline is usually a bit before the
>Beta freeze. If we keep that _and_ move the String Freeze up to the
>branch, that leaves only a week to do translations. If we move the
>String Freeze up to the Bodhi Activation point, that puts it *after*
>the Translation Deadline, which obviously makes no sense.
>In this new model, were *should* these deadlines fit? Is it reasonable
>to put the Software String Freeze the day of the branch (2017-08-16)
>and the Translation Deadline at the Beta Freeze (2017-09-05), or is
>that too late? What about putting the Software String Freeze at branch,
>and Translation Deadline just two weeks later at Bodhi Activation
>Matthew Miller
>Fedora Project Leader
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Hello Matthew,

I am not sure this deadline is used anymore.
As far as I know, doc and website don't follow it, neither main projects who have their own update policies related to alpha/beta freeze (dnf, anaconda, etc.).
I'm here since 2015, I don't know much about history of translation in Fedora, but I noticed many string updates after freezes.

I am not sure a string freeze is the right way to include translation for packages in a distribution. In the meanwhile, it should be respected for Fedora content (doc, websites, etc.).

A better way to handle this would be to monitor if translated content is indeed pushed to enduser, with bug filing if needed. I'm afraid we can't actually get this information, at the moment, even have a hint about translation activity requires admin extraction.

We will discuss it in Monday's evening meeting and will come back to you.
Jean-Baptiste Holcroft

FWIW websites always applied their own policies and needs, as there is not a real need to freeze translations, except for websites needs.
The translation process on the websites normally is rolling and can be done at any moment, as we pull translations regularly and are able to get in the latest strings at any time.
Differently it will work for software strings IMO; for applications, which have their own freeze, it is necessary to set a translation deadline before that happens, in order to be sure to have the strings translated in time.
My two cents for the websites POV.

Robert Mayr