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In this new model, were *should* these deadlines fit? Is it reasonable
to put the Software String Freeze the day of the branch (2017-08-16)
and the Translation Deadline at the Beta Freeze (2017-09-05), or is
that too late? What about putting the Software String Freeze at branch,
and Translation Deadline just two weeks later at Bodhi Activation

Coming over this bit late :(
First of all 4month release cycle is very impressive. 👍

As Jan Kurik mentioned, we have remained very flexible for these milestone in Fedora but these are important milestone and make sure Fedora provide better localization experience.

I think the present allocated dates look good for String Freeze ( 2017-08-01) . [1]

It will be good to have around 4 weeks gap between String Freeze and Translation deadlines. So having Translation deadline with " Bodhi activation point" make sense.
Proposing Translation Deadline ( 2017-08-29), Its important to have Translation Deadline prior Beta Freeze, so one can test translation status in Beta release itself.

Pravin Satpute

1. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/27/Schedule