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Hello, my name is Antoni Ridzki Andromeda, I live in Indonesia, an archipelago country at South East Asia, famous with its beautiful island called Bali.

Now, I am studying at University of Indonesia. My major is Information System, in the Faculty of Computer Science. I'm on first semester of total 8 semester. I have been using Linux since I was at Senior High School. My university also serves as local mirror for Indonesia for any big distribution such as Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and some other distros built by local Indonesian community.

I may not be best in English, as the primary language used in my country is not English, but most of lectures given at my university presented in English. So, I know much about technical word commonly used in computing.

My goal in joining Fedora Translation team is to translate software and documentation to my country's native language, it is Indonesia.

I think I can give good result in this job. I have working in Linux and through that time I always read resources in English, so I know and understand what is that mean. I really want to translate software to Indonesia but in equal meaning. There are already translation in Indonesia, but not all of them have the same meaning in English. And, the very important things is the software documentation. It is the key to get attention of new computer user, since a great deal of Indonesia cannot use or understand English well, so documentation in Indonesia native language will be very helpful, plus Microsoft Windows has not been release its version in Indonesia (at least the documentation) yet. So it is a great opportunity to conquer computer market in Indonesia.

I do this to support Open Source. I really think that Linux need to conquer operating sysem market in Indonesia, since computer user in Indonesia is only 10 millions of 200 millions of Indonesian. So, when a new computer comes to them pre-installed with Fedora that is in Indonesia language, they will be familiar to Linux than Windows.

Also, I'm looking forward to do business thing in Linux, like getting Linux to be pre-installed in built-up computer which is sold in Indonesia.

Kind regards,
Antoni Ridzki Andromeda

Antoni Ridzki Andromeda,
Currently student at University of Indonesia,

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