Thanks for the reply, Mizumoto. I think the problem is now solved and the coordinators from others teams will know now how to solve this "problem" with teams on Zanata.

Cleiton Lima
Coordenador do time do Fedora de tradução para português do Brasil
Página do Time Brasileiro

De: Noriko Mizumoto <>
Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 30 de Janeiro de 2013 23:53
Assunto: Re: Coordinator of Brazilian Portuguese team on Zanata

(2013年01月27日 06:56), Lailah wrote:
> El jue, 24-01-2013 a las 22:43 -0200, Cleiton Lima escribió:
>> Hello.
>> As I announced, I'm the new coordinator of Brazilian Portuguese team. I
>> saw the email from this list saying that some parts of documentation, as
>> the Installation Guide, are being translated on the Zanata instead of
>> Transifex. But the coordinator of pt_br team on Zanata was not them same
>> of the old one on Transifex. I tried to make contact with the
>> coordinator of the team on Zanata, but he/she don't answered yet. Does
>> anyone knows how could I act?
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> No idea.  In Spanish is the same coordinator.

I can see user 'cleitonlima' as coordinator on zanata now.

Assuming Zanata team might not be able to identify all the fedora l10n
coordinators, and set Red Hat employees for initial setup. Please feel
free to ask a Red Hat employee if he/she is currently only one
coordinator in the team, then he/she will be happy to grant you the
coordinator by just one-click. You must be active coordinator and listed
in Team page [1].



> /Sorry,/
> */Lailah/*
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