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In this new model, were *should* these deadlines fit? Is it reasonable
to put the Software String Freeze the day of the branch (2017-08-16)
and the Translation Deadline at the Beta Freeze (2017-09-05), or is
that too late? What about putting the Software String Freeze at branch,
and Translation Deadline just two weeks later at Bodhi Activation

Coming over this bit late :(
First of all 4month release cycle is very impressive. ūüĎć

As Jan Kurik mentioned, we have remained very flexible for these milestone in Fedora but these are important milestone and make sure Fedora provide better localization experience.

I think the present allocated dates look good for String Freeze ( 2017-08-01) . [1]

It will be good to have around 4 weeks gap between String Freeze and Translation deadlines. So having Translation deadline with " Bodhi activation point" make sense.
Proposing Translation Deadline ( 2017-08-29), Its important to have Translation Deadline prior Beta Freeze, so one can test translation status in Beta release itself.

‚ÄčThanks Pravin for your answer. I have modified the Schedule as you requested (‚ÄčTranslation deadline moved to the same date as Bodhi activation point).



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