Hi Tiansworld!
I think the simplest approach to this is to bring back the previous SOP of translator approval, but in a sense that only those people who had some-kind of access right would be allowed to translate the strings. People would try to dig-in to find out of curiosity to how to gain access; and then we may point them to take the proper step. I think we need to vote on this. But first we have to propose a mechanism.
P.S. I'm NOT the admin ;-)
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21.07.2020, 11:48, "Tiansworld" <tiansworld@fedoraproject.org>:

Hello guys,

The weblate platform performs very well after the migration.
However we(zh_CN and zh_TW teams) are having some teeny issues with it.

That is both of the Chinese translations of Feodra website project are
now under zh_Hans[1] and zh_Hant[2] language codes in Weblate.

Like the other projects, the website project should be moved back to
zh_CN and zh_TW language codes respectively.

The reason for doing this are:

1. I don't want the new contributors confused. They may start the
website translation completely from zh_CN or zh_TW language. Since the
new platform doesn't have a approve procedure, the team or the
coordinator won't know any new contributor, so they don't have the
chance to tell the new one to pay attention to this issue.
2. Weblate will be lighter, with 2 unused language codes removed, the
maintenance work may become easier.

I've opened an disscusion on pagure[3] too, I think website project is
OK with this change.

So I hope our weblate administrators could help us on this.

[1] https://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/zh_Hans/
[2] https://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/zh_Hant/
[3] https://pagure.io/fedora-web/websites/issue/129


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