To the websites I think we have the best solution - because we know it forward what is gonna be implemented, and we can focus on it. For apps translations currently we don't have preferred/priority list in Zanata, only a project list that is based on alphabet order.
It would be easier for everybody, to know the "will be included surely", "optional", or "extras" or mark them somehow within Zanata. Also would be a great aid to have/access/generate only a summarized list based on the translator language with percentages.
Similar happens in the case of websites, where Robyduck tells to us witch has priority, and really matters in users experience. After this - I think we can concentrate on apps and parts that we provide within the distro, and those parts that our users are will surely meet after the first boot or everyday usage.


2017-03-20 13:33 GMT+01:00 Jean-Baptiste <>:
Le 20/03/2017 à 12:59, Robert Mayr a écrit :
> 2017-03-19 22:48 GMT+01:00 Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
> < <>>:
> FWIW websites always applied their own policies and needs, as there is
> not a real need to freeze translations, except for websites needs.
> The translation process on the websites normally is rolling and can be
> done at any moment, as we pull translations regularly and are able to
> get in the latest strings at any time.

You're right to point out the specific way Website handle translation,
because your publication process is really comfortable for us. It's a
continuous publication process. I hope we'll have the same for

In the same time, knowing they won't be any more changes after a
specific date is useful, so we can focus and prevent "bad surprises"
when release is done. It would be a bonus for coordination and
Even the tiniest modification means at least a dozen of translators (we
had 17 languages with >80% last September, we have 13 today).

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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