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> There are other words confusing us in website translation too(For example,
> keys for signing packages. We are not sure the type of key, public key or
> private key or what else.).

Where is this example?

After I view the whole po file again, the example I took seems not a good one :)
But it can reflect that confusion occurs sometime.

This string tells us that they are public keys.

#: data/content/keys/index.html:21
msgid ""
"This page lists the public GPG keys used for signing packages in Fedora."

So we can conclude that keys related to packages signing in the po file should be public keys.

Then what about this one:
  #: data/content/verify.html:75
  162 msgid "Next, import Fedora's GPG key(s):"

We may not sure whether it is a public or private at once.

Well, yes, these are all public keys of course, although I don't get why you should mention it in that string.
If you look at the page where these strings are (the keys.html page) you will understand the context, and as the string is part of the instructions, it should be obvious for all users you are speaking about the same public keys.
> So I hope you can put this kind of simple explanation into comment part of
> the string in future, so every translator can see them and know what should
> be translated or whether the words should be translated.

I'm not familiar with the tools used here, really. Might it be easier
to have a wiki page with notes for translators?
This is not a good choice.
The better way is integrate them into po files. Although I don't know how to make this happen.

Yes, comments would be nice, but actually we are not able to provide them. We discussed this already and hope to find a solution for the near future. Anyway, don't expect there will be comments for all strings you are going to translate. Reading the webpage to get the context will be much more useful, IMHO.
In the meanwhile I tried to advice about particular strings in the notes I've sent out for F21 websites and you all did a very good work with them.


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