Have you (I suppose you did):

1. Installed the latest version?
2. Configured your locale properly? (this is silly, I know ;)) Open a terninal, run "set > out.txt"  and take a look to the resulting file for locale configuration.
3. Tried with other locales (try Catalan for instance, I'll check it with my installation)?
4. Built and installed from source, adding your .po to the source tree?

You should try these before filling a bug report. If your catalog is the only one that fails, maybe is because of your catalog. Could you post it on the list (.po and .mo), so we could reproduce and test it too?


2005/6/27, Francesco Tombolini <tombo@adamantio.net>:
I try the following filenames:
but both was refused to load by the package...

do I file a bug in bugzilla?

Il giorno lun, 27/06/2005 alle 09.13 +0200, Xavier Conde Rueda ha
> Which is the file name? It should be something like
> system-config-bind.mo. You can take a look to others locales to find
> the file name (the filename is not locale-dependent). If the filename
> is wrong, gettext won't load the catalog.
> Salut!

Francesco Tombolini < tombo@adamantio.net>