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> [Trusted-computing] A Question on EK

> We are supposed to trust the CA that issues the EK certificate.  The
> chain of trust from this point on allows creation of other keys for
> signing and storage. But what if we are not sure if the CA for the
> EK is 100% trustable given that the TPM vendor is not totally
> trustable?  Is there any way to trust all the latter key creations?

> The spec says users can create their own EK and use their own CA to
> certify it. Can this approach solve the above problem?

In my opinion, if you can't trust the TPM hardware (or software in a virtual TPM),
the game is over.

Some TPMs might allow external creation of an EK, but it's vendor specific.
Others may allow you to run a command and have the TPM generate an EK.
However, you don't gain any security by putting a very strong key into weak

Similarly, it doesn't help to certify a weak key with a strong CA.