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What is the technical name for "mtp://" urls in Mate Desktop folder explorer (Caja, ex-Nautilus)
by Fernando Cassia
2 years
pulseaudio MUST DIE!
by David A. De Graaf
2 years
CqrLog mariadb/mysql
by jarmo
2 years
Re: pulseaudio MUST DIE!
by Philip Rhoades
2 years
IPV6 and dhclient.conf supersede domain-name-servers does not work
by Patrick Mansfield
2 years
grub2-efi / grub2-tools problem
by Frank Elsner
2 years
SSH_AUTH_SOCK behavior is completely insane
by cen
2 years
Unable to have ~/.pam_environment processed
by Timothée Floure
2 years
Nextcloud upload restricted to 2MB
by Florian Sievert
2 years
Windows 10 KVM and reboot
by Tom Horsley
2 years
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