On 1/30/07, Gerhard Magnus <magnus@agora.rdrop.com> wrote:
I've been trying to get a Belkin USB KVM switch to work with two FC6
boxes.  The top of the KVM unit has a pair of illuminated buttons that
are used to manually switch the peripherals from one system to the
other.  It seems this would be straightforward but it's not.  The
keyboard, monitor and mouse work fine when just one system is physically
plugged into the switch.  But with both systems connected to it the
switch seems to have a mind of its own and goes back and forth between
the boxes as soon as I start using the keyboard or mouse.  Often both
buttons on the switch are illuminated, as if it were trying to deal with
input from both systems.

Has anyone had a problem like this?  Is there a workaround?

Thanks for the help! -- Jerry

You've probably done whatever you did to fix this, but try switching the cables from one machine to the other. I have one, and the cables have to be installed in order. I've lost the instructions, but with only two cables, brute force works.

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