On 08/14/2016 03:14 PM, Drew Samson wrote:
 Recently I saw someone indicate nvidia graphics are not linux friendly and since that's what I've always used on my builds an alternative is needed.

I have NVidia boards on two desktop computers and one Dell laptop, and I don't have any trouble at all with NVidia. And I know both the desktop PCs

are running the NVidia software, not the Linux nouveau FOSS s/w that does not have the full complement of features. I know the Dell is using NVidia s/w also,

since the login screen shows an NVidia logo momentarily.  You may not be aware that there is a contingent of Linux users who are ready to puke if anyone

mentions commercial software, whether made freely available or not, and this contingent obviously has no use for Nvidia software and takes every opportunity

to complain and besmirch it on emails and forums. If there is some particular  video card you are interested in, I think a trip to Google and a mention of the

specific card and Linux will bring you some useful advice, but beware of the group I mentioned above!


PS--I have no financial of other interest in NVidia products.