Okay ... now I have your attention ...

A funny thing happened to me the other day ...

I tried upgrading a Fedora 22 VM which was running on about 30 different VMware architectures to Fedora 23. All but a couple worked perfectly but a couple (Both Dell servers) didn't. On these I can only describe what I was seeing as '64-bitty' problems ... checksums failing ... that kind of thing.

I then had the idea of trying to build the machine 'from scratch' using a Fedora 25 CD image. Similar results ... the machines the original 22-23 convertion worked on went fine, but the other two ... no dice. They wouldn't even load beyond initial kernel boot and into install screen.

I thought best to start at the bottom and work up, so spoke to Dell ... they had no reports of problems with their machines and VMware (yeah ... I know ... they never do ... but)

Then spoke to VMWare to be told:


"My name is gfdgfdgfdg and I will be working with you to resolve your issue for Support Request 7657576576576.

I understand from your case description that Fedora 25 64 bit  VM won't boot. 
Please find the list of the supported OS on the ESXi host. Fedora is not supported on ESXi but rather on Workstation and Fusion.


If you are using Workstation or Fusion, please raise a case with the concerned team to assist you however its not supported as a guest OS on ESXi. 

Let me know if you have any questions or if we are good to close the case for now. 


I appreciate that this note is low on technical facts (by design). because I'm not really as as interested in the technical minucia of the problem, as the more general situation. Can anyone explain what changed between FC22 and FC23? What caused VMware to drop support? Is there any practical way around this?

I have hundreds of Fedora based VMs out there running versions from 'stoneage' to the latest, all working fine EXCEPT those on the two machines mentioned.

I have a heck of a decision to make in the in the next few days, but it sounds like its going to be RIP Fedora :(

Any insight most gratefully appreciated