Yeah, I for one noticed that Anaconda frequently has trouble updating the status message when it's installing.  In fact, you can force it to update if you quickly go into and then leave the Root Password and/or User sections.  I thought it was fixed in 21, but maybe I'm thinking of 22.

Kelly Miller

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 7:26 AM, Steven Ulrick <> wrote:
Hello, Everyone
Just put a new Seagate 2TB hard drive in the computer that I use as a
media server.  I proceeded to install the KDE spin of Fedora 21 from a
flash drive.  Everything went fine, but the progress indicator is
stuck at "Installing software 12%"  Has been stuck there for about 10
minutes or more.

So, I WAS wondering what was wrong...  Then I saw the following at the
bottom of the screen:
Fedora is now successfully installed and ready for you to use!
Go ahead and reboot to start using it!

In the lower right hand corner is a button that says "Quit"

So, I'm going to click that button and see what happens...

Steven P. Ulrick
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