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Makse perfect sense. No I was mainly curious, have you tried different antennae?


The router being used as an ethernet bridge presently [WNDR4500, I pick models compatible with the Tomato version of dd-wrt] has internal antennas and no connectors. The new arrangement will be using two ASUSRT-N66 routers with three "rubber ducks." Hopefully that will provide slightly better performance, although now the signal is about 18db above the noise floor and works acceptably. I would like just a bit more margin if I can get it, without additional antennas, the distance is only about 40 or 50 yards but with intervening walls.

The two cameras I just bought were Foscam C1, I found yesterday that Foscam US quit their relationship, and now I am trying to get tech support from Taiwan I believe? I'll see what messages come back next week, their user information is generally quite good, if you are a Windows customer, unfortunately I haven't been able to get access to a Windows computer, this family is all Apple stuff and I run Fedora Linux. The cameras run on some kind of Linux, there must be a way to do what I need ...


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Sounds like your situation would benefit from a pair of semi-directional antennas.  Back before we moved I had an Ubiquiti out in the barn as 'chicken-overwatch' but now I use the same one to upload static images to Wunderground via a cron ftp job on an Ubuntu vm.

Like my ubiquiti cam you *might* have luck browsing the cameras file structure.  I.e. Im able to ssh into my camera and pull those static images from a specific dir.. from what I read other models you could pull streams via  VLC and write them to a video file locally.