Another silly question: where do I put x0vncserver so it will start up when a user logs into KDE and/or gnome and die when they log out?

- Jamie

On 11/17/06, Jamie Bohr <> wrote:
Interesting,  I don't know VNC very well I guess.  The help section of x0vncserver (x0vncserver -h) says 5998 is the default.  I tried that, I did not realize I needed to add a double colon (hostname::port).  I was using a single colon.  Completely my fault.

On 11/17/06, William Hooper <> wrote:

Jamie Bohr wrote:
> After logging into X (KDE) I start x0vncserver.  I tried several options
> (-display=:0) but none seem to resolve my issue.  From a remote (or the
> local system) I try to connect to the server using vncviewer hostname:0, I
>  get Connection refused.  I can telnet hostname 5998 and get a responce.
> I
> have googled around and found nothing.  I am missing something just not
> sure what?  How do I connect to a VNC server?

Port 5998 is non-standard for VNC.  You would have to specify the port
rather than a display number.  For example:

vncviewer hostname::5998

> I am finding I can not connect to any VNC session (not even :1 after
> starting it) yet I can telnet to the port.  Any input would be greatly
> appreciated.

Do you have a firewall enabled?  Have you looked at the vnc log file to
verify it started?  Can you telnet to port 5901?

William Hooper

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