What problem are you having that you need to packet sniff wifi cameras?

On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:49 PM, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin@fastmail.us> wrote:
On 02/17/17 15:33, Rick Stevens wrote:
Now to figure out how I can look at my network activity?
A fairly useful tool there is "iptraf-ng" (available in the repos).
It's a curses-based (terminal) app that shows source and destination
packet addresses, ports, etc. in real time and it supports filters.
It's best if run as root.

We use it to watch servers and such (ssh to the server, run iptraf-ng
in that terminal with a filter that excludes the ssh traffic between
the two systems involved.)
- Rick Stevens, Systems

Ok, I have "iptraf-ng" running and can see the link to my wireless video cameras in the barn. now I assume there is a way to feed that into wireshark and perhaps extract more information? This looks pretty complex and I will have to experiment with it for a while ... I'm already in over my head!



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