On 12/15/17 05:50, Ed Greshko wrote:
Am I really stuck with this or is there a way around it? 
Well, you are running F27 and F27 was released with FF at 57.0b12 so that would be
the lowest version in the fedora repo.

If you were using FF 52 that version is from September 2016 until its EOL in March of
Well let's call that a typo, it was probably version 56, but when I first installed F-27 I found that things I needed don't work with Fedora 27 and I simply did dnf downgrade Firefox, subsequent to that I tried it again, decided I  didn't want it, and downgraded again. That process results in an earlier version of Firefox 57 now.

It looks like no version of Fedora was released with FF52 and no version went EOL
with FF52.  But you can search the archives at
http://archives.fedoraproject.org/pub/archive/fedora/linux/  and find FF50 and FF54.
Thanks for that suggestion, I will look for version 56 which is probably what I was using until yesterday. I don't know exactly how the update came about but it resulted from a panic after one of the critters I live with crawled under the desk and dislodged a plug, I awoke to a UPS alarm and shut down the offender after which a lot of troubleshooting activity began followed by a sticking trackball button/switch and more confusion. This morning a loose video cable plug, all part of the same episode. This may all be attributable to the alignment of the planets perhaps?

I guess the bigger question is why do you require such an old version?
Some of the add-ons I need stopped working with Firefox 57.

Again, thank you for the help,