On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 10:17 PM Ed Greshko <ed.greshko@greshko.com> wrote:
On 5/27/19 12:17 PM, Jack Craig wrote:
> i thought what i read was after nm brings up the vpn, only then is the default route to
> vpn created. more, its torn down first on shutdown.
> i'm thinking along this line, ...
> https://www.debuntu.org/how-to-network-manager-openvpn-overwrites-default-route/

I've never used that configuration setting.

Could you show your routes before vpn and after vpn activation?

the table didnt change. dorking with it did blow my default route out, so i will resume in the am after rest

I find it odd that you don't show routes similar to a default route such as...

me too!

default via dev tun0 proto static metric 50

and a specific route to the VPN server like via dev enp2s0 proto static metric 100

i expect what should happen is that after each interface comes up via NM a default route is set to it
so eth0 up, default route to , say, 10.0.0./24, then vpn comes and default route is now pointed at the vpn.

and this process in reverse on shutdown...

Are you connecting to a commercial openvpn service?  Or, are you setting up your own
openvpn server?

afaik, openvpn is an open source pkg that i  built from src code to my goal of anonymous functioning server.

the consumer version found here, ...


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