I use Evince as a PDF viewer under GNome.
There is  rpm for Fedora.
I cannot comment about form fillings.

Rami Rosen

בתאריך 28 בדצמ׳ 2017 21:40,‏ "Doug" <dmcgarrett@optonline.net> כתב:

On 12/28/2017 07:36 AM, Temlakos wrote:

Funny, the things one learns after making the first clean install in ten or more iterations of Fedora.

For instance, that Adobe long ago abandoned the Adobe ("Acrobat") Reader for Linux, and the nspluginwrapper project.

So that now, if you still want to use Adobe for Linux, you have to save an old rpm and install it directly. And do it every time you reinstall Fedora--or at least reinstall it cleanly.

I need advice on whether I can abandon Adobe Reader completely, and what to use instead.

I use it all the time for certain PDF's that come with form fields that you fill out. Not all PDF viewers--and not the PDF viewer native to Firefox--support form filling. Without form filling, I have to fill in forms by hand--and my fist is a bit of a strain on anyone's eyes, especially those of a bureaucrat or his confidential secretary. So I need form filling.

That aside, I'd love to have something that opens seemlessly in any browser window.

For the record, I use KDE. But I'll still use any GNOME products that still open in KDE.

I think Master PDF Editor 4 will do what you want. It runs fine on my PCLOS KDE 5 (and ran on KDE 4 also). I haven't tried to fill in anything, but it is an editor so it should work. And it is available

in RPM format, which should make it easy for a Fedora user to install.


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