On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 2:03 PM, David A. De Graaf <dad@datix.us> wrote:
I've freshly installed Fedora 27 on two machines;  neither have a printer directly connected, but rely on cups-browsed to display the LAN's printers that are attached to, and managed by other (F26) machines.

Not any more.  cups-browsed seems to have lost its ability to detect automatically those network printers.  Is anyone else seeing this?  Or have I screwed up, somehow?

For earlier Fedoras I've edited /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf to add:
to restrict browsing to my LAN, but now there's a comment
    # If there are no "Browse..." lines at all, all servers are accepted.
so that edit shouldn't be necessary.  I've tried with and without it, but F27 browsing still fails.

In the system-config-printer GUI I can still click thru a bunch of steps to search for and find those network printers.  And then use them.  But that's tedious and much less useful than the previous totally automatic availability of all printers across the LAN.

Is this a regression?

Definitely a bug of some sort. I'm in a similar situation. It does find the printer but says something about it's unable to print to it. I can add one manually via wifi and I can print to it but when I try to make it as default it always "unchecks" itself. The screen hinda flashes like a refresh. Something weird going on for sure.

 Glad it's not just me.