I have 4 icons in the top right corner.
one to switch on the internet, one which displays a small aeroplane, one for speaker volume and one for battery status.
They all have the same dropdown menu which has  a selection Home which provides Switch User and Log out.
Wow! thanks,  I just found the shut down icon, it is a tiny circle with a line through it, bottom right in that menu selection.

    Just following on from my previous email, I logged out of KDE and logged into Gnome (as opposed to Gnome Classic) and in the top right hand corner menu selection there was a power button as well as a setting button. Clicking on the power button provided the option to restart or to shutdown, but no logout option. Clicking on restart then rebooted the system. If I assume that the command being executed for that is the same as under KDE, then that option ran the "shutdown" command which did not require root privileges, but that may be because with the setting I have under KDE, KDE has modified that command to not require root privileges for execution.


On 04/29/2014 07:35 AM, Stephen Morris wrote:
    I have an F20 installation that has been upgraded using Fedup through every version on Fedora from F17. I don't use Gnome, instead I use KDE (personal preference, I believe they stuffed Gnome with the introduction of Gnome 3 and I believe KDE has always been more configurable) and under KDE the system uses poweroff to "poweroff" and shutdown to reboot. In the settings where this definition is there is also an option to specify who these commands are available for, both locally and remotely. For the local setting I specify "everybody" which then means both commands are available to "ordinary" users. I haven't booted into Gnome 3 since upgrading to F20, but as already stated the shutdown options were there even under Gnome 3. What the issue might be is that F20 is using a more recent version of Gnome 3 than F19, where more facilities have been removed by default (with the way Gnome 3 has been developed it makes it look like it has been developed by Microsoft). From what I have read on the net there are 2 methods of getting a lot of the missing configurability back again, both of which are recommended to be installed by Gnome 3 users as a matter of priority. I know they are available for Ubuntu, what I don't know at this stage is whether they are available for Fedora. I'll reboot into Gnome 3 and see if the options are available on my system.


On 04/29/2014 01:12 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

On 04/28/2014 12:49 AM, Roger wrote:
I have just Fedup'd Fedora 19 to F20 on a Dell 1520 laptop and it works well, took about 4 hours to complete still has the same php error message about /usr/lib64/pdo-mysql.so but all works well.

There seems to be no way to shut own the system other than going to a terminal and entering shutdown as root.
I vaguely remember other Fedora versions had the same thing and we had to install some app to provide the shut down menu.
What is that has to be installed to get a shut down in Fedora 20 please? Why would a shut down or reboot menu be missing? Some folks do still switch off for the night or while they are away. Puzzling.

poweroff works as a user.  You don't have to su to poweroff or reboot.  At least I don't.

shutdown DOES see to require root priv.