On 5/10/20 2:25 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
systemd-analyze blame

to see what process is taking the longest.

systemd-analyze time

Ok here is my full systemd-blame:


Is it normal for init-queue service to take so long ?

1min 37.191s dracut-initqueue.service  

Here is the output of systemd-analyze time

Startup finished in 6.687s (firmware) + 8.393s (loader) + 2.328s (kernel) + 1min 41.374s (initrd) + 1min 11.363s (userspace) = 3min 10.147s 
graphical.target reached after 1min 11.343s in userspace

What can cause the initqueue to take so long ?

FWIW, I'm actually seeing quicker boot times with 5.6 kernels than 5.5.

I tried booting with the 5.5 kernel and the same delay happened. It is probably something related to the F32 upgrade.