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Anne Wilson <cannewilson <at> googlemail.com> writes:

> Maybe they can't.  Some problems can't be fixed until we get 4.1.  On the
> whole, though, I agree with you.  It took a little getting used to, but I do
> like it.  I'll put up with its shortcomings while it is 4.0.  4.1 is only a
> few weeks away.

This has been one of those threads that last and last - and it seems to me
that occasionally frustration with an issue builds up and eventually we
get these everlasting complaints sessions.

I think everyone would probably agree that KDE4 is not perfect at present
but I feel we should accept the real experts' view that underlying this new
desktop is a concept that will eventually not just supercede the old KDE (3.5)
but will eventually yield a lovely desktop that we will get to love
when it is polished and optimised - but it will take a little time.

If you have ever done any programming yourself you will know that getting
optimised bug free code first time round almost never happens barring a
miracle - so let's give the devs a break and allow them a bit of time without
too much heckling! A little praise might no go amiss at times either!

I accept that a calculated risk was taken in including KDE as 4.0.3 in F9
but I also accept their judgement and we may well be seeing strong praise
rather than condemnation in F10's lifetime when we reach 4.1+ or 4.2.

As has been said a number of times - you can always stay with F8 for the
moment until KDE4 has 4.1 out the door and that will be in a month or so.
That will still be some months before F10 release by which time KDE4 should
hopefully be a really nice desktop.

I am filing bugs in BZ when I find issues and all of us who are using KDE4
should contribute to its development by doing this. Certainly I have found
that the few people who get changes implemented are generally very responsive
and do a great job in either amending things for Fedora or represent Fedora
interests upstream.

Most of the complainers do not directly fix things - so we all perhaps need
a little patience and do our bit to help rather than simply grumble.

My 2pennyworth...


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