On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 15:13 -0800, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 09:43 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 08:35 -0800, Gerhard Magnus wrote:

> > My question: is there an iPod software interface like iTunes that works
> > well on FC4, or at least a package that can play (or convert) m4a files?
> ----
> depending upon the repositories you are using, the following will work.
> iPod
> yum install gtkpod
> m4a
> yum install xmms-aac

I've been using the default configuration of references to yum
repositories set up by FC4.  None of these repositories contain gtkpod.
But I've found plenty of different (or at least variously named) rpms
for this package at sourceforge, freshmeat, and other websites.

This leads to a question with general implications.  So far, "yum
update" has worked without a hitch on my system.  But the volume of
postings that report problems with yum has me concerned about fiddling
with something that for me at least isn't broken.  If I start adding
other repositories, like sourceforge and freshmeat, to my yum
configuration do I risk interfering with the normal updating of packages
from the Fedora repositories, e.g. by inadvertantly updating to beta
versions coming from elsewhere?

In short... is it better to update manually for certain packages or to
expand the yum configuration and then use yum update for everything?

Thanks for the help!
# rpm -q gtkpod xmms-aac

This tells me that they came from .rf (rpmforge)

I'll make it easy for you...

Fedora 4
rpm -ivh http://ftp.belnet.be/packages/dries.ulyssis.org/fedora/fc4/i386/RPMS.dries/rpmforge-release-0.2-2.2.fc4.rf.i386.rpm

Fedora 3 (dag)
rpm -ivh http://apt.sw.be/fedora/3/en/i386/RPMS.dag/rpmforge-release-0.2-2.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm

Fedora 3 (dries)
rpm -ivh http://ftp.belnet.be/packages/dries.ulyssis.org/fedora/fc3/i386/RPMS.dries/rpmforge-release-0.2-2.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm

Then the other commands...

yum install gtkpod xmms-aac

I don't know about sourceforge/freshmeat - I don't think that they offer yum repositories. You will definitely find it easier to run yum installs with dependency handling than download rpm's and installing them. This is my suggestion on the way to handle things.

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