I had the same problem.
Then I installed Nvidia. Problem went away.
Had to remove nvidia because rpmfusion did not have the nvidia for the new kernel. The problem did not come back.

I hope that helps.


On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 9:07 PM, William Biggs <bill@kc8pdr.com> wrote:
I hope I can word this right. I tryed  to install f22 with kde .it
install just fine . But the installer will blink a lot while install
but after the install when I try to reboot the reboot window just
blink's but this part just dose this with kde 5 . And all so after I
log in to kde . When I open any window full screen it just keeps blink
until it open all the way it stops All so if I make the window smaller
the screen start's to  screen tearing and the windows is still take the
whole screen just like when you open a java app in windows . But if I
go to gnome it dose not do any of that  I running f22 on a amd 3.6 pros
16 g of ram and the hdmi video card is the one on board it is the ati
ver . All so is I move windows around I get screen tearing it just dose
this in kde 5 only
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