same here, I will use dnf on command line, unless gnomesoftware will not clear cache automatically. Most users have Gbytes on uneeded rpm's stored in a cache.

Antonio Montagnani

Linux Fedora 27(Workstation)
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2017-12-15 9:43 GMT+01:00 Joe Zeff <>:
On 12/15/2017 12:12 AM, Tim wrote:
Which, would mean, in my case, and many others, that updates wouldn't
get done.  And I intensely dislike the lazy approach of "we'll just
make you reboot," rather than work out how to do an update that doesn't
needed it.  This isn't Windows.

Yup!  I don't use either Gnome, or their GUI updater.  I use dnf from the command line and almost never reboot unless there's a new kernel.  I heart uptime.

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