Updated Fedora 30 system with all latest, and latest kernel. Gnome doesn't start, but consoles seem to be ok and it does boot to multiuser....I think. When I reboot down into the previous kernel, 5.0.13-300.fc30.x86_64, everything works fine.
> Wondering if there is a problem with the newer kernel and my nvidia card, GeForce GT 640. Haven't had time to really look yet, but wondering if anyone else has run across this?
> Thanks.

Kindly do NOT hijack threads. Your message is completely unrelated to
the one you are replying to, and changing the Subject line does not
make it OK because the various list-related headers remain the same.

Create a new message from scratch if you want people to reply.

Also, Thanks Patrick O'Callaghan for so kindly informing me of how to ask for help on this user list. Last time I asked for help I was 2 versions behind on the OS and I got roasted because the OS version was too old. Maybe I should try Ubuntu.