This is for engineers at work.  They want to be able to connect to their consoles remotely.  We are using RHEL 3 WS, the tool is only supported on this platform.  The idea is the same as it would be in Fedora though.  Start an X application when the users logs in and kill it when they log out.  I don't mind being pointed to a how to or even KDE/Gnome documentation.  I was able to get KDE to start the process, it just won't die when the user logs out.

On 11/17/06, Les Mikesell <> wrote:
On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 19:24, Jamie Bohr wrote:
> No Xvnc is too hard to manage for 100+ users.  We would have to set up
> the password file for each user that a system is assigned to.  Then if
> another user logs into that system they will not be able to get to it
> remotely.  I would like Vnc to act more like terminal services for M$
> Windows.  For example, if no one is logged in then allow a remote
> connection using the users account password (NIS, LDAP, ...), if
> someone is logged in then the password entered must match the password
> of the user logged in.

Do you really want it to serve the console screen at all?  It
isn't necessary - you can let xinetd fire up new connections
on demand to any number of different people at once.  The
k12ltsp repackage of fedora has this set up by default.  I'm
not sure if the configuration is a stand-alone RPM package
that you can load on a stock fedora or not.  The users each
get their own independent session.

  Les Mikesell

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