2010/10/19 Tim <ignored_mailbox@yahoo.com.au>
On Tue, 2010-10-19 at 08:34 -0500, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Enable the RPMFusion.org repos and install kdenlive. I've edited
> several HD video recordings with kdenlive as it uses ffmpeg as a
> backend and can read and output in full 1920x1080 to any codec of your
> choice.

This interests me, as a video production person who's still in the
analogue world, because the Windows/Mac worlds of digital video just
plain suck, unless you can throw broadcasting amounts of dollars at
software and hardware.  (Those who've used real editing hardware know
just how annoying computer editors are with their interfaces, and lack
of knobs to just reach out and tweak, with menus to wade through.)
We're still using a $20,000 edit suite, because we're not going to throw
that away to be replaced with horrible $2,000 computer editing.

Have you compared using this with the usual opposition (Adobe Premiere,
Pinnacle, FinalCut, etc.)?  Operation-wise, and rendering time-wise?

One thing we've noticed with some of the free editing software is that
you're going to spend so much time trying to render the final product
that you can't use it professionally.  And that things fall over and die
a few seconds into trying to acquire your vision, in the first place.

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Kdenlive is a Fully Professional editor, Maybe the best of the best, there's a cool tutorial you can see in order to
learn about it's capabilities, the first parts are just for explaining basic stuff and the final one is a deeper conference
about Kdenlive:


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