True.. If you'd like we can continue offline.  I will add one further comment: multiple antennas are typically MIMO (multiple input multiple output), which is cool unless your endpoint device does not support it.  Which wifi cameras likely don't.

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On 02/18/17 11:33, InvalidPath wrote:
Sounds like your situation would benefit from a pair of semi-directional antennas.  Back before we moved I had an Ubiquiti out in the barn as 'chicken-overwatch' but now I use the same one to upload static images to Wunderground via a cron ftp job on an Ubuntu vm.

Like my ubiquiti cam you *might* have luck browsing the cameras file structure.  I.e. Im able to ssh into my camera and pull those static images from a specific dir.. from what I read other models you could pull streams via  VLC and write them to a video file locally.

At 2.5 GHZ antennas are a trade off between some directional gain and transmission line loss and they are one more component to deal with,  °and these routers each have three, I'm not sure how they are arranged functionally? I think the receivers are the critical element. Antennas will be a last resort.

I have two other cameras in other locations, at least five years old now, poor quality but still working and displaying on VLC.

This is not strictly Fedora so I think any further communication should be off list or we will hear about the ground rules, etc.


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