Hey Carson,

With a new logo coming up for Fedora, those pages are definitely slated for a redesign. Our process involves doing mockups first. We would love to see your ideas! One of the things we are looking to do is merge the spins and labs sites into one since the distinction have proved to cause confusion.


On April 19, 2020 10:10:35 PM EDT, Carson Black <uhhadd@gmail.com> wrote:
Does anyone here know where the sources for spins.fedoraproject.org are? I've been searching through pagure.io/fedora-web, github.com/fedora-infra, and other places I would expect to find the sources for them, but I've been unable to locate them. I'm interested in making the whole thing look less dated (e.g. the KDE spin page is displaying a years-old screenshot and displays decade-old icons.)

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