2008/12/29 Ricky Zhou <ricky@fedoraproject.org>
On 2008-12-29 11:07:22 AM, Marc Ferguson wrote:
> Some one blogged on Planet Fedora about the SHA1SUM files being 5 levels deep
> on the site.  I thought we could talk about that and just make it 2 levels by
> placing a link along with the other big blue blocks on the right-hand side on
> the "get fedora" page.
We actually discussed that a few meetings ago, and came to the same
conclusion.  If you want, I can walk you through making that change
when you have a chance today.


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Hi Ricky,

That would be great!  You might have to put it in an email or something, I'm not certain how we're gonna do any live communications right now. :D

Marc F.

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