2018-01-04 18:03 GMT+01:00 mua rachmann <muarachmann@gmail.com>:
Hi i am Mua Laurent computer engineering student at the university of Buea, Cameroon.I love programming and i love solving peoples problem using the computer.I code in C , HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, sql, CSS3 , and also in python (which i learnt on my own and excelling well in it).I would love to be part of this wonderful community cause i see it as place to showcase my skills and learn from great people.Also i am interested in participating with this community in GSOC  why not!. Primarily my aim is to share with the Open source society and i have a positive mindset for that.Thanks fedora for this wonderful opportunity given to me

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Hi Mua,
thank you for your introduction, I saw your greetings also on IRC, but your were already gone on IRC. Your skills are great, and you will see you can easily apply them within the websites team.
We mainly use HTML, CSS and Javascript in our websites, but they are built with Python and we also use some Python scripts to make things easier to manage. Also, we use the Genshi framework for Internationalization. To get startet it would be a good idea taking a look at the bootstrap grid [1], because there are many divs and classes in our source files and we use it to make the websites responsive.

Finally, to get started, you need: 
* to clone our repo. See [2][3] and join the web FAS group.
* start working on tickets, see easyfix [4] at the beginning or our issues on pagure [5]. You can send your patches
there or just make Pull Requests, which are much more appreciated.

Please ask if you have any doubts, writing to the websites Mailing List or on IRC channel #fedora-websites, located on the freenode server.

Hope to see you soon around, even if you just want to say hello.
Kind regards.

Robert Mayr