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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 01:05:27 +0530
From: Rahul Sundaram <>
Subject: Re: Marketing information on
To: "For maintainers and developers of all formal Fedora websites."
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Thomas Chung wrote:
> On 4/23/07, Kamisamanou Burgess <> wrote:
>> It is my personal opinion that a link to the Marketing Resources page(
>> ) should be
>> place in a more prominent position on the frontpage(
>> ). Good locations would be:
>> The Navigation menu on the right of the page
>> Amongst this link set
>>  About | Get Fedora | FAQs | Documentation | Communicate | International
>>  Join | Fedora 7 Schedule | Other Languages | Software Infofeed | Planet
>> Fedora The reason for this suggestion is to make it simpler for people
>> who
>> would like to use such images for marketing on their websites/blogs to
>> find
>> them. Currently anyone wanting this information must scroll down to the
>> bottom of the page, click "Fedora Marketing", click "Resources", and then
>> click "Fedora Banners".
>> I would have changed this myself, but considering my lack of prominence
>> among the Edit Group, I figured I should bring it here first.
>> --
> Kamisamanou,
> This agenda has *not* been discussed enough nor approved by anyone in
> senior members. Please revert back to previous version.

I have reverted this change. We have way too many links in the
frontpage. I don't think we need more marketing links now. If anything
invest in cleaning up so that
the links are prominent and content is well organized.

Next step would getting super simple content in the plone site up and


I apologize for that. I did not know the exact procedure for modifications. In the future I will be sure to make sure that I have explicit permission before making any changes to any part of the wiki.