2012/5/24 Kévin Raymond <shaiton@fedoraproject.org>
[CC-ing] the Websites team

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 11:53 AM,  <robyduck@fedoraonline.it> wrote:
> Hello,
> I see that there are some local communities who want to be included to the
> same local fedoracommunity.org subdomain, such as Indonesia and now Italy.
> I'm directly involved in that issue, as webmaster of fedoraonline.it, the
> actual it.fedoracommunity.org and greatest italian community. I think this
> could be a problem in the future too, so why not discuss about some
> guidelines which helps the local communities but also the website team to
> define clearly the state of a community?
> I'm thinking about a solution like the Ubuntu communities:
> obviously, everyone can create a new local community, but only one community
> rappresent the single State. I remember there are regular "tests", which
> verify the activity of the local community and if the site is just online.
> If the test fails another local community site has the right to take the
> place of the precedent one.
> Sharing resources is more efficient than spreading users I think, so it
> should be obvious that the goal of the fedoracommunity site is to give the
> end user a clearly identified local community.

The idea of "local community" is relative.
The freedom of build a new distro therefore should be considered a try to divide up the GNU/Linux users ?

The main thing is to assicure yourself that all "local communities" respect, support, share, spread the fedoraproject values by its representatives.

> I'm open to be an active part in finding new guidelines, if you want.

Robert is too of part to be impartial about this issue.

I would add that Legal should not approve trademark license agreement
to the unknown if the local community already exist.
Example if my neighbor ask to register the greatitalianfedora.it, the
request should be rejected if the owner is not involved in the local
But they need to understand how the local community works.
It's not easy, neither fast.

At least guidelines would help define  a process and prevent end users
to ask for his own website reference…

I agree.

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