Not a problem to reduce size, the problem is to find that functionality to cut away :)

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 2:57 PM, Raphael Groner <> wrote:
Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sat Nov 10 21:39:37 UTC 2012


Bug is closed, so I respond here.

The guys of aptosid managed to do a Xfce media image that has not at
all the size of a full CD. KDE full needs >2GB but with an older
version (4.8.4 - F18 is known to ship the 4.9 version).

Maybe we can steal some good ideas to shrink the image? ;)
aptosid-2012-01-kde-full-i386-amd64.iso" (2,054MB)
aptosid-2012-01-xfce-i386.iso (509MB)
aptosid-2012-01-xfce-amd64.iso (515MB)

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