On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 12:49 PM, Martin Sourada <martin.sourada@gmail.com> wrote:
Ah, yes, I would also be for keeping the packagekit related stuff in.
True, PK looks a bit strange in a xfce environment but the "install
missing codecs", "install detected printer's driver" and "click to
install" are rather useful features... I cannot say anything about the
main interface though -- I never liked yumex (but it's a couple of years
since I last tried it) and PK also never grew on me -- looks like I'm
stuck on command line yum forever, so I'm not very fit to give opinions
on gui package managers.


Martin, I am always open to suggestion to how to improve yumex, maybe your should try the current version, and let me know what you don't and how to improve it.

click to install has recently been implemented in yumex.
install missing codecs is not very useful, because most of it exists outside fedora (rpmfusion), so most people has to go to rpmfusion.org to install the repos, so they also 
enter the one line yum command to install all the need gstreamer codecs. It is not something you do every day.

next mayor released will be using a yum based dbus daemon, there will make it much simpler to use for 3. party application to performing packaging action and is designed with simplicity in mind and not over engineered as PackageKit, there is trying to support every package engine there exists.